Volume of retail government securities reaches HUF 10 thousand billion

English2022. feb. 23.MTI

The volume of retail government securities has reached 10 thousand billion forints, Finance Minister Varga Mihály announced in his Facebook post on Tuesday.

The minister pointed out that the role of foreigners is declining, while the role of Hungarian families in debt financing is growing: in 2010, 60 percent of debt was in the hands of foreigners, today it is one third. At that time, only 3 percent of public debt was held by Hungarians, but by now this rate has improved to 25 percent.

This means that Hungary now has the highest public participation in financing the country’s public debt in Europe,

the minister pointed out.

He added that this reduces the country's vulnerability, increases stability, and leaves the interest income with families instead of increasing the income of foreigners.

It is also due to this that Hungary has been able to stand on its own two feet throughout the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, Mihály Varga said.